Being present, supporting presence: Ideas for online teaching and facilitation

Co-presented with Jody Condit Fagan

Presentation given for the ACRL Contemplative Pedagogy Interest Group


Although many campuses are returning to in-person classes and meetings, plenty of libraries are still holding events online. How can you as a facilitator or teacher be more fully present when leading or teaching online? How can you support attendees’ ability to be present themselves, and for all to find human-to-human connection in virtual spaces? This webinar will cover:

  • planning and preparation work to support your presence as a facilitator and the needs of the group, considering the learning objectives or meeting goals
  • activities for opening and closing online events in a way that invites presence and connection
  • practices for maintaining presence throughout the meeting or class
  • challenges and potential pitfalls that can arise when opening up opportunities to be present with one another.

Attendees can expect interaction and reflection throughout this session, as well as the opportunity to share and learn from colleagues’ experiences with bringing more presence to online meetings, classes, and other gatherings. The speakers will draw from their experience in academic libraries, but content may be adaptable for other postsecondary education contexts.